Agriculture and floriculture industry has been constantly evolving with greater investments and improved technology. India has become the world's largest producer across a range of commodities due to its favorable agro-climatic conditions and rich natural resource base.

J&K’s economy is primarily an agricultural economy but due to certain limitations it has always been performing below its potential, especially the Horticulture sector. Policy makers have been extending certain privileges to the farmers in the form of Priority sector lending norms, technological assistance, etc. but due to various reasons farmers have not been able to take benefits of these and are still at the mercy of weather, when it comes to Horticulture. The State has suitable agro-climatic conditions for growing variety of flowers. The floriculture industry in the State offers a good source of supply to the domestic and international market. There is potential for this activity to be propagated on a commercial basis.

Wizkid consultants have a unique experience of working in this sector and extending support to farmers in various forms. some of the activities are mentioned as:

Setting up of Cold storage and atmospheric control stores to preserve fruits for extended time and sell it at best possible rates.

Arranging credit at low rates.

Market linkage with national and international level agencies to sell the product at best rates.

Handling registrations, taxation and financial norms.

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