We draw upon our extensive experience in both the private and public sectors to bring a fresh perspective and offer creative ideas. Our professionals work closely with Government to help raise service delivery efficiencies and revenues, while enhancing the quality of public services.

There has been a huge loss of funds due to inappropriate financial procedures. We believe that with proper strategy, Government can achieve very positive results in terms of employment generation and fiscal wellbeing.

We have been extending our services to manage the financials of the Government departments and the PSUs in terms of research, project management, audits, taxation services, etc.

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Accounting Advisory
Auditing Services
Corporate Law Advisory
Mergers and Aquitisions
Taxation Advisory
Project Management Services
Management Consultancy
Debt, Equity Swaping & Syndication
Market Research, Economic Surveys
Corporate Reorganisation & Restructing
Non Resident Services
Agriculture & Floriculture
Real Estate and Infrastructure
FMCG and Retail
Tourism and Hospitality
Energy, Infrastructure & Resources
Goverment Services
Health Care & Life Science