J&K is considered to be one of prime tourism hubs of the world which needs no further explanation. Tourism is considered to be one of the major drivers of J&K’s economy. Over the years irrespective of some major disturbances in the valley, J&K has continued to be one of the most sought after destinations of tourists both from India and Abroad.

However, the J&Ks Tourism industry has not been operating at its potential as various limitations and bottle necks have hampered its growth. These include inappropriate infrastructure, low promotional activities, political instability, etc. At its highest level, J&K could very easily be THE tourist destination of the world. Over the past one year various efforts have been made to bridge those gaps especially on the infrastructure side. This includes setting up premier level Hotels, high level transport facilities and market developments, promotional activities, etc. With the reason there has been a steady increase in the Tourist flow since 2010.

Wizkid Consultancy being based in J&K has a unique experience of understanding the Tourism sector, its ever increasing demand and limitations. We have been continuously researching about the new initiatives which could shape the Tourism sector both from Governments and private perspective. Our services in this industry mainly revolve around:

Financial advisory for setting up infrastructure projects like Hotels, etc both to Government or private entities.
Collaboration with Hospitality companies who aspire to initiate their projects in J&K. This mainly pertains to market research, surveys, corporate law, fund arrangement, registrations, etc.
Advisory to set up new Business initiatives in J&K which could cater to the ever increasing demand of Tourism. This includes entire project management from conceptualization to implementation
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