Investment Opportunities in J&K

Investment Opportunities in J&K

Jammu & Kashmir is famous for its never-ending chain of mountains, striking green meadows, beautiful lakes and much-appreciated hospitality. Besides, the outstanding beauty the valley offers boundless investment opportunities to the prospective investors. After the revocation of article 370 by the government, everyone is blessed with a right to invest in this novel place. You can find many manufacturing industries, small-scale industries, cottage industries in J&K and this shows the potential for new investments. 

Talking about the Tourism Industry of Jammu and Kashmir State it is highly growing and emergent sector. Tourism is a source of living for many people of the state. Besides, there are many other Industries like Silk Textile, Carpet-Making and Woollen Textile, Forest-based Industries, Agro-based Industries, Papier Mache, Cement Industry, Industrial Complexes where you can try your investment luck.  Kashmir known as the heaven on earth offers tremendous opportunities to the local youth who aspire to become entrepreneurs. Besides, unfavourable conditions many startups are emerging and proving their gallantry with all bright colours. To ease your investment dream at J&K we have compiled a list of industries where you can find exponential growth. Scroll down and read more:

Agriculture & Horticulture 

The horticulture industry in Kashmir has become the safeguard of the rural economy in the State, providing job facilities to the thousands of people directly and indirectly. About 80 percent population of the state depends on agriculture. Kashmiri apples, almonds, peaches, walnuts, saffron, etc are the key attraction of every market. Investing in this sector is surely going to be fruitful for you. All you need to do is put your money and creativity together and take this industry to new heights.


Think about the skills of Kashmiri people and the first thing that will pop is Handicrafts. It is the traditional industry of the State and some of the items of the industry are papier-mache, woodcarving, carpets, shawl making, embroidery etc. The handicrafts industry, particularly the carpet industry, has been a source of substantial foreign exchange. It employs about 350 thousand artisans. Through these statics, you can easily visualize the potential of this Industry. You can target a global audience as everyone is fond of Kashmiri Handicrafts.


Jammu and Kashmir is considered as the crown of India, adheres varieties of cultural, religious spots, adventure and sightseeing activities. It is famous for its towering snow-clad mountains, bubbling streams, transparent and sparkling lakes, flower meadows, colorful orchards and rare fauna. These unique features of Jammu and Kashmir have always attracted numerous tourists from all over the world. Investing in this Industry is one of the best Ideas and this is the high time to do the right thing.


Kashmir has been famous for its silk production since the ancient past. Rajtrangni of Kalhana, Mahabharata and Ramayana establish that the sericulture was being practised in Kashmir from times immemorial. Jammu and Kashmir produce the best quality Bivoltine Mulberry silk in the country due to its longer length better strength and shine mainly because of conducive climatic conditions. However, out of total production of cocoons every year, only 20-25% is being consumed within the State and the rest is exported. You can invest in the manufacturing of silk as the sector is showing a tremendous potential.


The State is bestowed with the natural water resources spread over an area of about 0.40 lacs hectares existing in the shape of cold water torrential streams, Lakes, Rivers, Sars, Springs, Reservoirs besides about 250 high altitude Lakes.   

These water bodies are blessed with different and unique fishes. One can start rearing these breeds and can earn a good amount with minimum resources. People are turning to fresh-water fish such as rainbow trout, carp & tench. These fish make an attractive substitute for the unproductive goldfish, golden or golden rudd etc.

Mushroom Cultivation & Processing 

The high nutritional value of mushroom makes it is an ideal source of protein, vitamins and minerals. For encouraging the people to consider the mushroom cultivation government of J&K is offering various beneficial schemes. So, grab it and start something of your own.


As mentioned earlier Kashmir holds a good position when we talk about the tourism sector. Investing in the restaurant business is going to bless you with a good amount of traffic as tourism and restaurant business is interconnected. You can bring the essence of your place to Kashmir through the restaurant. All you need to do is a select place, do the paperwork and think of diverse cuisines which you want to serve, as they say, the novel menu is your USP.”

Bat Industry

Do you know that willow bats are made only in Kashmir? Willow bat is the best bat with which every batsman likes to play. This type of bats is made in England as well as in Jammu and Kashmir of India. The willow orchard trees are present in the state in good numbers. With the removal of Article 370, people from all over the country got the opportunity to learn workmanship.

Experts say that the willow bats from Kashmir will be widely loved across the world because the investment in the industry will increase. Besides, up to 9-% of such businesses are provided loan under the Central Government’s Prime Minister Employment Generation Program (PMEGP). An additional 15-20% subsidy is also provided.

Dry Fruits Processing 

Kashmir is an epicenter of rich and quality dry fruits. For Kashmiri dry fruits global market is already set up all you need to do is look for ease in production and transportation. Dry fruit processing business is always in demand, so why not to try hand in this?

Holiday Resort

If you are a travel lover, you better know the importance of a comfortable holiday resort for your vacations. Kashmir will bless you with the beautiful sites for your project. Start investing in a chain of holiday resorts as this business is showing tremendous positive growth from the past few years.

So, if you are thinking to invest in J&K these were few profitable sectors which you can take into consideration. To get assistance throughout the process, consult Wizkid today!